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Smarter, greener, contract-free landscape maintenance for your home or business

Soil Care

Enhance your soils for optimal plant growth. Build fungal networks for your backyard orchard and create amazing compost for your kitchen garden

Water-Wise Solutions

Save water with swales, barrels, rain gardens, hugelkultur. Use contour to divert rainwater and maximize uptake to your plants and trees 

Small Tree Care

Species-specific care includes pruning, pest management, and removal for edible and ornamental trees, small to medium sizes  

Pest Solutions

Keep pest damage to a minimum with functional plants, proper growing techniques, organic applications, and fungal duff management

Crop Care

Ensure optimal yields with crop-specific care. Planning, pruning, weed control, planting & more  

Weed Management

Crowd out or eliminate weeds entirely with cover crops, companion plants, and the right fertility strategy

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